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Solar Energy


Solar Farm Maintenance


We are now at the dawn of a new and exciting era for energy; sustainable energy sources are replacing old methods, and advanced new technologies are impacting energy production like never before. However, sustainability will not develop without continuous innovation, and providing superior- quality, innovative products are what Ecoppia is all about. Since 2013, Ecoppia has been empowering the solar power revolution by enabling year-round peak panel performance and lowering LCOE. The pioneer and world leader in automation and robotics for large-scale solar, Ecoppia offers a cloud-based, connected platform and a suite of robotic solutions for the smart management of solar plants.

Fully autonomous solutions


Ecoppia robots remove over 99% of soiling on a nightly basis using a completely water-free cleaning technology that is both eco-friendly and cost effective

Energy independent

Ecoppia robots have their own on-board dedicated solar module, allowing batteries to quickly charge in between operations


Fully autonomous, Ecoppia robots self-clean their on-board solar panel and the cleaning microfiber elements

Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning

Ecoppia’s robust E4 robot for fixed-tilt solar installations can clean up to 1,000 modules in a single nightly operation. Using powerful yet soft microfiber and controlled airflow, the E4 moves dust particles downwards and off the panels. Moving along a rigid frame, the E4 adds no load to the panel surface and has been proven to be fully safe on both panels and Anti Reflective Coating (ARC)

Roof and Solar Solutions of Asheville have the residential and commercial solar experience to be your trusted advisor. Call us first to schedule a free consultation.

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