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Roof Leak Repairs

We can help with all your roofing decisions.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. While designed to withstand the elements, it is not indestructible. Physical damage, the elements, and time can all lead to issues that result in leaks. At the first sign of water, it’s time to call for roof leak repairs. 




The more water that gets into your home over time, the weaker rafters, joists, and other structural components become. 


Water that enters your home through a roof leak can lead to mold growth. Over time, mold multiplies. It can also get into your HVAC system and spread throughout your home, contaminating the air you breathe.


If you have wiring in your attic, dripping water can cause electrical shorts. Shorts create sparks, which can lead to a fire.


As water leaks into your home, it drips on your ceilings first. If you have light fixtures or fans attached to your ceiling, they become damaged and can be expensive to replace.

fire cause by leaky roof
water damage from roof
How To Spot A Roof Leak

Ceiling Water Damage

One of the easiest ways to spot a leak in your roof is the appearance of ceiling water damage, which appears as a dark stain. Without repairs, the stain may spread, and you may begin to notice the ceiling sag.



In some instances, water may drip from your ceiling, pointing toward a leak in your roof. Even if the drips are only occasional, you should still call a roofing professional for an inspection.


Moisture in the Attic

In some instances, attic moisture occurs as a result of improper ventilation. In other cases, you have a roof leak. If you notice that your attic is becoming damp, you should have the issue investigated right away.


Odors in Your Home

Over time, water in your home can lead to mold and mildew growth. Even if you can’t see it, you may notice a musty or unpleasant odor that you can’t seem to place. Those with allergies or asthma may also begin having symptoms, such as watery eyes, increased sneezing, and difficulty breathing. 


Roof Damage

Damage such as broken or missing shingles, buckled shingles, shingle debris in your gutters, roof rot, cracks, and other issues can all contribute to leaks. To help spot these signs and get the repairs you need quickly, you should inspect your roof regularly. 


If you notice signs of a leak in your roof, call Roof and Solar Solutions of Asheville. We can locate the source of your roof leak and have it fixed it right away. We provide professional, quality roofing repairs. For more information, contact us today!

mold from roof leak

Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks occur as a result of several different issues, including:
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Cracked flashing
  • Cracked boot venting
  • Improper sealing of the valleys
  • Clogged gutters
  • Time
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