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How Solar Works

The energy produced by your home solar system will go directly to powering your home's load. When your solar system produces more energy than you are consuming, the difference will be sent back to the electric utility.

Solar power is not as complicated as it may seem. The photovoltaic cells in our solar panels convert the energy in sunlight to electricity.

To be more exact:

DC energy produced by the solar panels is converted by an inverter to AC energy that matches the voltage and frequency of the power supplied to your home by your electric utility..”

When the solar is producing more energy than your consuming the difference will be sent back to the electric utility.

A bidirectional meter that can both send and receive power to and from the electric utility company, replaces your existing utility meter when the solar system is installed. This meter keeps track of both energy drawn from the utility and energy sent back.

The utility company will credit you for any power sent back to them towards energy drawn when the solar isn’t producing enough to cover all of your needs (for example during night time hours)

We design the solar panel system to produce enough extra power during the day so that it can offset the home's overnight usage.


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