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Do solar panels have to go on the house?

No. In fact, we have several options like this one at the lake:

We just need sun for everything to work. Solar panels are often used to provide shade for cars in parking lots. In this example, the solar panels provide shade on hot summer days at the lake. This "Sun Shelter" has 35 large solar panels that can power the air conditioning inside on a hot summer day while at the same time provide shade during lunch.

“We enjoy working with clients to design creative solutions that will save money and our planet.”

Solar panels can also be placed on a car port to provide shade for your cars. Call today to discuss creative ways that you can plug into the sun.

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It's always beneficial to place it on the roof top because there the sun rays falls direct on the solar panels and it will automatically absorb more sun rays. A roof repair expert can help you installing it in a right manner.

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